Vanessa Purnell


As the Chair of Sports & Entertainment Promoters of America, Inc. (SEPA), Inc., Vanessa Purnell brings decades of expertise and a passion for nurturing talent to the forefront. With a legal background and a deep understanding of the entertainment and sports industries, Vanessa has been instrumental in guiding the success of countless individuals and entities.

Her commitment to excellence, coupled with a genuine dedication to the aspirations of her clients, has made her a respected figure in the field. Under her leadership, SEPA, Inc. has flourished into a leading professional management and representation company.

Vanessa's unwavering belief in the power of education, community engagement, and strategic partnerships has shaped the vision of SEPA, Inc. She is not just a leader but a visionary who continues to drive positive change in the dynamic worlds of sports and entertainment.

Join us in celebrating Vanessa Purnell, a driving force behind SEPA, Inc.'s mission to empower talents and shape a brighter future for our industry.

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